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Venus waiting

From my pillow, just awake
I saw the eastern sky,
spread clear and pale behind
still leafless trees,
hung with a glowing light
among their limbs.

I first thought to deny
this star so close to sunrise,
then felt its beacon’s pull,
guiding me to daylight
from the darkness of a dream
so gladly left.

the first view of the day ahead is often evocative for me. This morning Venus was hanging in the trees, as though waiting for me to wake up. She gradually faded as the sun drew nearer and my dark dream receded.

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this morning I wake up to rain
with tear-dense clouded skies,
and feel as though I’ve slept in vain

not sleepy, no, just heavy eyes
a heart that lightens more each moment,
slowly I begin to move, first thoughts like sighs

today, a gift, is mine, sufficient,
hoping for some joy, I know its feel
certain that I’m not omniscient

but richer both in spirit and in will

15th day poetry prompt, a terza rima. I am not comfortable with rhyme, but getting there.

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the raid

we think she ambled up our hill
and grabbed the seed bin
left outside our door
then took her prize down to
the stream-cut woods
behind the house, to feast.
our feeders are aswarm again,
the returning snowbirds and
winter stalwarts busy feeding,
none of whom would care she came
unless denied their food, but
the squirrels and I are glad
that she was choosy in her way.
so, do you think if I asked nicely,
she would return my scoop?

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fermenting love

shall we raise love’s goblet now,
so soon, to drink raw wine
this vintage newly casked,
or should we free
our senses to absorb
time’s sun and water,
ripening our feelings gently
matching nature’s earthy rhythm,
gathered in at peak and pressed,
their bursting essence flowing into
stout oak cradles to ferment
and morph to richness
on the tongue and in the heart,
is this not worth the wait?

note: this is an Anacreontic, a poem about love and wine. done with no set meter or rhythm. Today’s prompt on the site.

poem and photograph © 2014 KH Rantilla. all rights reserved.