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imagining dragonflies

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walking under mid-March
flying clouds,
snow and ice,
still layered tightly
on this open wetland road,
there are soft murmurs,
not-still water
running under ice,
our continuo.
the great flow out
from unseen melt
is fleeing winter.

the half-warm sun
and gusting wind
of early spring
cannot erase the memory
of warmth and fecund life
held by my senses,
all riches here
to be regained
at nature’s pace,
not mine.

and so the dogs and I
tramp to the dam and back,
and dream
of summer pleasures
looming large,
the dragonflies.

on yesterday’s wetland walk my mind kept overlaying summer on what I was seein

Author: Life With Horace

Poetry & Essays

One thought on “imagining dragonflies

  1. overlaying summer :) Yes, I am guilty of that too. Right now I am looking at a sweet little bird on my gutter with a leaf in its mouth… oops it just dropped it. He flew off to find another, I suppose. Busy making nests for babies! :) It is supposed to snow here in NC tomorrow – but everything right now is singing “spring” … yes, natures pace, not mine. But, like you, I grow impatient!


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