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Imagining dragonflies

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Walking under mid-March flying clouds,
snow still layered tightly on this wetland road,
there are soft murmurs, water running under ice,
the flow from unseen melt is fleeing winter.
A half-warm sun and gusting wind of early spring
cannot erase the memory of heat and fecund life,
riches here to be regained at nature’s pace, not mine.
The dogs and I tramp to the dam and back,
and dream of summer pleasures looming large,
imagining the dragonflies.

On yesterday’s wetland walk my mind kept overlaying summer on what I was seein

Author: Life With Horace

Poetry & Essays

One thought on “Imagining dragonflies

  1. overlaying summer :) Yes, I am guilty of that too. Right now I am looking at a sweet little bird on my gutter with a leaf in its mouth… oops it just dropped it. He flew off to find another, I suppose. Busy making nests for babies! :) It is supposed to snow here in NC tomorrow – but everything right now is singing “spring” … yes, natures pace, not mine. But, like you, I grow impatient!


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