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this morning I wake up to rain
with tear-dense clouded skies,
and feel as though I’ve slept in vain

not sleepy, no, just heavy eyes
a heart that lightens more each moment,
slowly I begin to move, first thoughts like sighs

today, a gift, is mine, sufficient,
hoping for some joy, I know its feel
certain that I’m not omniscient

but richer both in spirit and in will

15th day poetry prompt, a terza rima. I am not comfortable with rhyme, but getting there.

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if I ask?

was I too in need of feeling?
was my heart exploring blindly?
did I shut my ears away from reason?

do you know? can you say?

what do I remember clearly?
what of all the tender nights?
did my mind melt with those touches?

is it true? was I lost?

how could I ignore all signs?
how did anger silence reason?
did I stay for fear of loss?

can I hope? is there help?

when will your answers find me?
when will my heart know certainty?
did I leave my spirit open to your voice?

held by my truth’s embrace, I feel the answer: yes.