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last night I knew a dream
within a dream
waking from the first
yet still asleep to see
familiar pinpoint
allegory road signs
faces that I knew so well
this time we were adrift together
on a sea not visited awake
then turning, sinking back to lethe
as tingle echoes ricocheted away
and woke to see a brilliant slash
of sunrise pink behind the spiky pines
that dimmed so fast to flattened gray
my only capture yet again
was memory

a shortling linking the fleeting vividness of my dreams last night to the transient brilliance of sunrise on waking. for Jane, who said goodbye to her beloved Alan this week, and for Candy.

Author: Life With Horace

Poetry & Essays

2 thoughts on “stardust

  1. Kate,

    May I share this poem with my friend Jane in England? She has just emailed me with the heartbreaking news that my friend Alan passed away. And this could not be more timely for Jane or for me.

    Candy xo


    • Candy, of course. I have just updated it substantially, so refresh the page for the neweest link. Please send Jane my deep condolences. And for you my dear, heartfelt prayers and hugs at the loss of a dear friend.


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