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blue lune


objects from the past
held close still
I am loath to let go

do they hold a pulse
core of life
beating at our touch

or arresting fade
tender shells
husks holding wishes

shall I cast them off
finding peace
in open spaces

or indecisive
wait to act
until the new lune

The first day of NaPoWriMo 2016. This is a lune* made up of five 5-3-5 stanzas.
*3 lines of 5-3-5 syllables

Author: Life With Horace

Poetry & Essays

3 thoughts on “blue lune

    • Judy, thank you! The lunes are part of a single poem, not really standalones. This is the third year for me. I love your lunes, especially the color references. The fuschia flower lune gave me chills. Lovely.


      • Yes, I realized they were all part of one long poem. Two years ago when I finished my second NaPoWriMo, I decided to just keep going and I’ve published every day on my blog since. The first year (in NaPoWriMo) I thought it was going to be hard but it never was and I got hooked! Great to have an excuse to put writing first–and I’ve used it every day since.

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