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Haiku for Elizabeth with notes


gift from love’s pilgrim
my words have danced in your heart
they leap free again

Yesterday the Third Cousins Club met again. three cousins, Cassie, Elizabeth, and me, descended in separate lines from the same great great grandfather, knowing nothing of the others until an accidental discovery grew into a connection that has joined three family lines. Elizabeth’s sister Susan was there at the beginning with all of us, but she died this year. So Elizabeth has just made what I can only think of as a pilgrimage to the ocean places they loved together. What a brave and loving sister gift this was, saying goodbye again, ashes left to be a part of memories.

Author: Life With Horace

Poetry & Essays

2 thoughts on “Haiku for Elizabeth with notes

  1. My Dearest Cousin Kate,

    I was reading your poetry this morning, and came across this undiscovered haiku from September 10, 2016. I was very surprised, and incredibly touched. Your words of comfort leapt out to soothe and ease my heart – across both time and miles. I don’t know how I missed this beautiful haiku in 2016, but once again you have my gratitude and love.



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