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night lit

my woods are hung
with lamp lit moonlight
shallow beaver wash
turned into opal pools
picked out by
beams that launched
diffused through
vapor rings we know
are ice but touch
us softly

Day 22. We have just had a full moon, fitting for the week of Earth Day.

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transition from moonlight

awake not by choice
my mind wanders freely
to think about change
as a passage, a progress
seeing light through the window
too early for sunrise
the lamp of the huntress
sends beams without warmth
as the moon sets I rise
glancing out at the shapes
tall pines against sky
emerging from darkness
to frame the new day

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first quiet

the morning’s first quiet
this time to myself
is precious and needed
reflection and energy
both brew with my coffee
music a backdrop
dogs fed and peaceful
warming my feet
this moment’s soft hug
the day’s work ahead

an early morning shortling.

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my mood today

is reflective as I look
at the sunshine and light
that pour through my door
yearning for difference
no, demanding that change
from myself as I wrestle
with still hidden feelings

is hopeful as I write
looking forward to walking
and loving the marshland
with pure hearted dogs
connecting the life force
I see all around us
to my hopeful spirit