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but it is

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not my loss I thought
a friend’s friend gone
under snow
sent down the mountain
by pleasure seekers
without thought
of lives below
or dreadful consequence

this sudden gap
where once a friend
stood in the heart
is feathered now
with small things
precious bits
of cloth or lace
dug from the snow
song and image
remnants of a
rich creative spirit
its light now dimmed
but not to be
forgotten, no

all sensed and felt
by strangers like myself
who at a distance
mourn her leaving.

the loss of a creative soul is universally felt, whether we realize it or not

Author: Life With Horace

Poetry & Essays

One thought on “but it is

  1. Hi Kate — I’m in Costa Rica, but preparing to make the trek home to PA today. Will be back in OGBF on Thursday or Friday to share some photos of the trip, etc. This is a wonderful poem — so quietly touching — speaking of a painful aspect of grief.


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