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Today, a while ago


A while ago I had a gift
and gave one too,
a lovely boy
whose soul and name
my heart reached out and held
before his birth.

And then he grew,
gifts seized with joy
and challenge met with grace,
in one quick moment,
my life’s blink
this swoosh, bright energy
old true soul, became a man
possessed of loving honesty.

Now two score on
a truth teller thinker
dreamer husband father
nephew cousin brother son,
above all friend,
his light shines bright
held always
in my soul’s arms
and in my heart.

for my son, on his 40th birthday

Author: Life With Horace

Poetry & Essays

6 thoughts on “Today, a while ago

  1. As a mother of three biological sons and two step sons, I can’t tell you how much this poem touched me. Your writing and poetry never cease to touch me.


  2. What a beautiful birthday tribute to your son and grandson. Enough to melt one’s soul.


  3. Kate this touched me heart. The love just shines on


  4. So tender, Kate. Such warmth and love are embodied in your words.


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