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Today, a while ago

A while ago I had a gift
and gave one too,
a lovely boy
whose soul and name
my heart reached out and held
before his birth.

And then he grew,
gifts seized with joy
and challenge met with grace,
in one quick moment,
my life’s blink
this swoosh, bright energy
old true soul, became a man
possessed of loving honesty.

Now two score on
a truth teller thinker
dreamer husband father
nephew cousin brother son,
above all friend,
his light shines bright
held always
in my soul’s arms
and in my heart.

for my son, on his 40th birthday

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Doors through grief

I stand on the newer side
of grief, not knowing what
that opening will bring,
but trusting my intent, certain
that this journey must be made.
God help me there is still love,
a garment long worn thin.
I do have hope, the gift
of help, caring hands to clasp,
many loving words.
Mine only if I ask, and
swing this new door
wide to admit them.
Today new portents fly
the sky, great cloud wings
that form a goose.
A sign, a love borne gift
come from the past
to urge the leap of faith,
to go fly free.
It whispers trust your spirit,
it will guide you, trust
your strength it will not fail you.
A new door opens, hope is thrumming
and I step through.

I truly think the goose-shaped cloud was my spirit guide the day I saw it.